Authorities Now Believe Pit Bull’s Head Was Slashed for “Self-Defense”

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We posted earlier this week about a pit bull named Spartacus who was found with a slash across his neck, a slash across his body and a shovel wound on his head. The vet believed that it appears that someone had tried to decapitate the dog. Police now believe that it was in act of “self-defense.” Saying that there was no information to support that it was an animal cruelty case. What do you YOU think? Check out the article below.

Person stabbed, beat pit bull mix in self-defense, L.A. police say

98 Responses to “Authorities Now Believe Pit Bull’s Head Was Slashed for “Self-Defense””

  1. Bull$#%&!@*!!!! The person who did this hates pit bulls and is a frickin coward!!!! If he did this to one of my dogs he wouldn’t be around anymore the coward!!!!!!

  2. It is like every thing else breed you don’t like destroy and who knows for sure what happened.

  3. NO WAY ! no one is going to have to get AND use to weapons during a dog attack. multi people yes but not one.

  4. No!No!NO WAY!! There is no conceivable way to almost decapitate an attacking animal!! This being is a filled with a pure hate and vile heart!!! This poor guy!! Looks super vicious in the pic! Hugs and prayers to this baby that he heals and they catch this horrid human being!!

  5. No way! Some maniac got a hold of this poor soul.

  6. I think humans are cruel creatures that no regard for anyone but themselves – hope somebody cuts them up………………no volunteers…….I

  7. Bull$#%&!@*! Just Because others make pitbulls seem harmful doesn’t mean they’re.

  8. Hell No !!!! they person did not even have a scratch on him , put that bastard behind bars PLEASE !!!!!!

  9. Bull $#%&!@* just another way to judge the breed bull$#%&!@* this boy needs justice

  10. that’s all a bunch of $#%&!@*,, someone really friggin suck and this guy deserves to be put in prison.

  11. i hate any person who does this to animals

  12. BULL $#%&!@*!!!! And everyone knows it. This dog just sat there while that ignorant j******f cut the dog up… Better charge the jerk and put him in jail…

  13. Wtf. Saying that because he’s a Pitt. That’s bull $#%&!@*

  14. Ya bull crap that dog looks just so vicious what a joke who ever did that needs to do jail time that is not a result of defense that is pure animal cruelty at its finest people that do these things need to pay the price America needs to crack down on these people

  15. This is a bunch of lies it was a hate crime because this baby is a Pit. My story and I am sticking to it!

  16. I don’t believe that, not the way this dog was stabbed & cut up

  17. Don’t think so he just wants to be petted doesn’t even groul I think its a scam.

  18. Yeah he looks so dangerous, give me a break. He is a bully breed so he must have deserved it. BULL$#%&!@*

  19. Nope, bull$#%&!@*! The bastard that did this is making up stories! Smart people know better!

  20. Someone needs to get that poor dog out of the hands of these prejudiced people!

  21. If it was an act of self defense, the dog would Not have stuck around for more abuse after the first blow! Bull$#%&!@*! This dog has been horribly abused!

  22. I don’t believe what that ignorant neighbor says. He probably teased the poor puppy.

  23. I was going to say B___S___ but someone said it better.

  24. Puts only love love and to be petted n down affection that piece off $#%&!@* need to be cut n stabbed too so he know how it feels!!!

  25. Bull!!! The guy said supposedly he was in an attack mode. WOULDN’T HE BE IF HE SAW A SHOVEL COMING AT HIM!!! And, of course if it weren’t a pit we wouldn’t be having this conversation!!!!!

  26. I don’t believe this claim of self defense. If the dog received a blow with the shovel, that would have given the owner some time to run to his house, close the door and call the police. The fact that the dog was struck with a shovel and then stabbed multiple times make it very suspicious.

  27. That’s right blame the poor innocent dog, what utter garbage. Some savage asswipe did this to that poor dog. Put the blame where it belongs, on the monster that did this. Not the dog or it’s owner.

  28. Prayers and love for sweetie,shared

  29. What were they defending themselves from a lick look at him that is nonsense the authorities just don’t want to do a complete and thorough investigation. The injuries on that dog go way beyond defensive and if they could get a shovel they could get their butts inside away from the dog they were out to kill him pure and simple. :*(

  30. I call bull $#%&!@*. I’m on the pits side 100% the dog would have got him way before he could grab the shovel. $#%&!@*ing. Piece. Of. $#%&!@* needs to be locked up for animal abuse. Pit Bull Pride.

  31. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! People trying to justify animal abuse now that its a felony. These idiots need to be held responsible for their heinous actions.

  32. Not!!!!!! It was pure D ignorance!!!!!!!

  33. Anyone that could slash a dog this thoroughly could have run away!!!!

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