Girl With Autism Rejected by Mall Santa Over Service Pit Bull

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From the article, “A Southern California mall has apologized to a 7-year-old girl with autism whose Christmas wish was crushed after Santa Claus and elf impersonators rejected her because of her service pit bull named Pup-Cake.” This is just terrible, and if there was not such a prejudice against these animals, we would not be seeing articles like these. Watch the clip below. 

21 Responses to “Girl With Autism Rejected by Mall Santa Over Service Pit Bull”

  1. I have two pitbulls myself BUT I’m afraid of dogs that I don’t know, it’s hard for me to bad mouth Santa for being afraid, even tho we all can rationalize the fact it was a service dog who had to pass a temperament test

  2. If this little girl believed in Santa prior to this incident she most likely doesn’t anymore. Shame on that man for going about this the way he did.

  3. This is so sad. And look at that sweet picture!

  4. So sick of these stories of STUPIDITY, wake up Pit Bulls are great dogs and this beautiful little girl should never be discriminated against because her best friend who helps her is a PIT BULL. You be strong little one and never let anyone hurts your feelings or your best friend.

  5. So very sad. Glad they fired Santa!!!

  6. STUPID SANTA!! Where was his Holiday Spirit?!?

  7. It’s a service dog!!!! That’s what matters. I have a pitbull service dog myself. I wish somebody would discriminate against him. It won’t be they dog they’re afraid of at that point. People are so ignorant it’s pathetic, seriously.

  8. You have to know them to love them, and Santa obviously didn’t.

  9. Santa wasn’t afraid of the dog… He said “those dogs eat people” and when the dog left the building he still refused because “those people support those dogs”

  10. He’s a idiot.. how dare he.

  11. Wow people need to be educated about what pit bulls are really closed minded if they don’t any breed of dog can be aggressive. Its all in how they are raised fyi Petty from little rascals was a pit bull

  12. how stupid people can ge

  13. Stupid Santa, trying to ruin a child’s Christmas

  14. I wonder if it was a Labrador, if Santa would have reacted the same way.

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