Is Ear Cropping Wrong?


A lot of people crop their dog’s ears thinking it will help them somehow. Since a lot of people are doing this it only makes sense that there be some benefit to it, right?

Unfortunately, there are no benefits to cropping your dogs ears.


Doesn’t it prevent ear infections?

While it might help a little bit, it’s highly redundant to crop ears just to prevent this. Every tissue on the body is just as prone to infection. Would you cut off your toes, arms, or legs to prevent infections?


It’s the “breed standard”.

Nope! It’s not. They are born with full length ears, which were passed to them genetically. The standard of cropped ears is set by PEOPLE, not nature. So it’s only a human standard and not even a sensible one.


Cropping Ears is like Piercing Ears

Alright so is injecting an arm like getting it amputated? There is a huge difference. Ear piercing is a little needle prick and that’s it. Ear cropping takes weeks of recovery and bandages.


Ear Cropping is like Spaying or Neutering

Pro ear croppers when confronted by their decision sometimes say that it’s similar to spaying or neutering. If it’s so painful, then so is spaying or neutering, right? That may be true, but there’s a big difference. Spaying and neutering is necessary. It prevents diseases and helps make your dog less aggressive while also reducing overpopulation. Ear cropping does none of those things.


Ear Cropping is Not Painful

It’s definitely not a walk in the park. Pain meds are usually prescribed. They are usually required to wear the dog cones for weeks to help the ears stand up correctly. Since dogs act very stoically, how can you tell if your pooch is in a lot of pain?


There’s More Important Things To Worry About

It’s true that most Animal Welfare Organizations focus on bigger issues than ear cropping. Why would dog owners spend so much on a cosmetic effect when they could donate that money to shelters instead?

Ears have a function and if dogs are born with a complete set of ears, there’s a reason for that. Humans created a breed standard that doesn’t align with nature. Dogs actually use their ears to help communicate their feelings, keep debris or bugs away, and as a statement of who they are. To not accept your dog as they are naturally is foolish and superficial.


(Warning: this image is graphic)



Please pass this along to show everyone that ear cropping is unnecessary and wrong!

Fact checking:

American Veterinary Medical Association Opposes Ear Cropping / Tail Docking

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216 Responses to “Is Ear Cropping Wrong?”

  1. Flop flop flop. Not only is it unnecessary and painful, but it makes it harder for dogs to communicate (especially when cropped so short that they are barely visible

  2. Puppy princess penelope and her floppy ears (and her bff, Gunner, my sisters shiba inu!)

  3. As much as I love the cropped look, I think it’s wrong. A few years back, I was babysitting for friends and they just had their puppy’s ears cropped. The puppy sat in my lap and cried while I was playing with the kids (10 week old cane corsos have issues fitting in a 5′ person’s lap). It broke my heart. Years later, when my ex and I rescued a red nose pit and wanted to crop his ears, I told him I’d sooner send him back to the shelter than let him deface the dog. And then he had the nerve to ask again when we got another pit (not a rescue, but if we didn’t take him he would go to the shelter).
    And if there’s a dog with cropped ears at the shelter, give him a chance, he didn’t choose to have his ears cropped. And you should be picking a dog for his personality, not his looks.

  4. Support ear cropping 200% when done by an experienced veterinarian

  5. Why crop them at all? I wouldn’t want someone to crop my ears so why crop theirs? Their ears are perfect the way they are. Also I feel like people are more scared of the cropped ears on pits then floppy and those with cropped ears are overlooked in shelters. Sad.

  6. I agree with Camila, I have 2 Doberman Pinchers and they have Beautiful cropped ears and I had them done by a professional and neither one of them acted like they were in pain they played and ran around the house as usual, the bandages were off in 10 days. Oh by the way I do donate to animals all the time

  7. Just because a lot of you say ears are perfect the way they are doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t say that their ears are perfect cropped. It’s a preference for God’s sake. Doesn’t mean one is bad and the other is not and vs. versa. Why can’t people understand there are two sides to every story and your opinion is exactly that, your opinion. I crop my dogs, every last one of them and ALWAYS will. Done professionally of course. They don’t lose personality for God’s sake either. Dumb comments posted here. Dumb.

  8. People don’t understand that this practice started with hunting dogs.

  9. But nobody cares about tail docking. And dobermans crop their ears too but nobody ever says anything about them….

  10. No crop here either but come on now. It’s no worse the docking a Rottweiler or boxers tail!

  11. Anyone who does that kind of surgery on a dog that age shouldn’t have a dog!

  12. Yet spaying is ok? It’s a worse surgery then cropping.

  13. Most of you posting how cruel and bad it is have nothing but MUTTS!

    Spaying is a more painful and invasive surgery then ear crop.

    And for the idiots saying you have worked for a vet that would crop newborn puppy’s is so unethical!! I have cropped all my dogs but 1 and I have never had an issue. My APBT and my sisters have all had extreme ear infections . I have NEVER had to deal with ear infections (unless from people feeding poor food or human food) with cropped dogs. I am a professional dog groomer as well as I show my dogs.

    If done by a vet that had exp and knows what they are doing then it should be fine.

    My vet has over 40+ years of doing the crops and he is the best I know . Doing it by laser . Means quicker heal but more expensive.
    I spend about $500 a pup on crop.

    I did not take the time to read the rubbish as I don’t want to waist my time and couldn’t stand have of the stupid uneducated responses.

  14. 4-5 million healthy dogs are euthanized (murdered) in shelters each year. There is a population problem. Spay and neuter is necessary to control that population and focus on not bringing more dogs into the world that will end up in the shelter. Cropping is not necessary for survival, spay and neuter is.

  15. Exactly! I remember just laying by his cage on the floor on my breaks and feeding him little bites of chicken and petting him so gently. He was so upset, it was heartbreaking.

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