Pit Bull Brutally Attacked, A Beheading Attempt Speculated


A pit bull was brutally attacked and stabbed several times, near his owners South L.A. home in Hyde Park according to officials. Thankfully, Spartacus, after surgery and over 1,000 stitches he is still alive. “It almost looks like they tried to cut his head off, it’s ear-to-ear,” Pet Care Veterinary Center Office Manager Alex Kyrklund who worked at the clinic that treated Spartacus, said. “He seriously almost looks like an autopsy victim.”  It also looks like the dog was hit over the head with a shovel. “He came up bleeding and torn up, but he never did anything but wag his tail once he realized he was safe,” she said. “He wants you to love him, he wants you to pet him, but there are so few spots you can do that.” For more information check out the article below and please SHARE 

‘Sweet’ Dog Recovering From Brutal Attack Near South L.A. Home; Required 1,000 Stitches



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  1. the sad part is the dog probadly didnt do anything , there are just some SICKO sons of bitc……. in this world

  2. the person or persons taht did this can be thankful it wasnt one of mine …. just saying

  3. What an evil thing to do.. animal abuse/cruelty is a Felony in all 50 states now.. I hope they find the abuser and hang him.. poor poor baby!!

  4. poor baby i hope the person or persons who did this rott in hell

  5. pooh sweetie hope u get well soon thats so awful so sad sick mean heartless people.to do this to this pooh babby hope u get it back u f bastered

  6. Who ever did this needs to go straight to jail. I am sure there are a lot of dog lovers in there to take care of him . Then those sort hardly are ever caught.

  7. Find who did this and do it to them!!!!

  8. people need to pay for these attacks on pets

  9. i just really hate people. I used to not, but after reading, hearing and witnessing violent events against these innocent animals, I just hate people now.

  10. So glad he is doing good. Hope they catch the person that did this.

  11. Poor baby!! hugs and prayers. He looks like my Mosa too.

  12. you have to work really hard to make a pit bull mean. we have 2 rescured pit girls. one on purpose the other came and sat in the rain on our porch, she choose us. I need to put up a sign saying all pits welcome. but I don’t guess they can read.

  13. Just sick….horrible….people!!!???

  14. Stories like this just make me sick. This is the most loveable breed of dogs that we have ever owned. We now have 6 and they are all rescues. We rescued the first two who are brother and sister in 2011 and the 3rd in May of this year and the last three who are sisters in July of this year. They all love each other and love us. They was to sit on your lap they want to kiss your face they are awesome animals. I just hope that the person or persons that did this dastardly deed to this dog suffers a fate 7 times worse than the poor dog.

  15. God bless this dog hope he get well soon. I dont understand how people can do this to a sweet pet .

  16. Heal quickly baby!! People that do this kind of thing,need to be locked up for life.

  17. this was such a cruel thing to do. POOR BABY. Get well soon sweetie.

  18. How can I donate? I can’t find the site. Thank you!

  19. What the f*ck is wrong with people?!?

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