Pit Bull Stolen From His Yard And Beaten With Brick – Survived

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Amazing story of tragedy, love, and resilience. Odin the pit bull, survived a beating that broke his skull in three places and left him blind.  Despite his injuries, he has surprised all of his rescuers by recovering fast! Odin’s story started from behind stolen from his previous owners yard in Delaware in the Spring, after that was when he was found with his injuries and left to die. According to his injuries it looks like his head was smashed with a brick. “The first thing Odin did when I first met him was come up to me and kiss me in the face,” says Verfaillie Ramone, founder of Pit Bull Pride of Delaware. “I was sitting down on the floor and I called his name. He walked over to me and just kissed me. His eyes were still shut from all of the swelling.” It’s unfortunate that his abusers have yet to be found. If you’d like to learn more about Odin, check out the article below and please share.

This Adorable Pit Bull Was Nearly Beaten To Death, But Nothing Will Smash His Spirit


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  1. seriously yoyr pets aren’t even safe in their own yard

  2. I hope his stealer and abused is found and given the max. love to you.

  3. OMG what scum bags to do that to a dog

  4. some body needs to beat them pricks with a brick

  5. scumbags ty jesus for saving him

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